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Project Length


1.5 Years

+ 1 Entirely New CRM & Sales Process





Our lead developer Christian was selected by the executive team at Klarna in 2019 tasked with rebuilding the entire sales process and internal sales tooling of Klarna for its sales personnel of 700+ people across all countries and helping to increase Klarna’s closing of merchant opportunities. This team consisted of 6 top performers from different competencies to brainstorm and execute on this monstrous endeavor.


Largely thanks to the trust of Klarna’s executive team, the choice of personnel, the Salesforce team successfully implemented Salesforce 2.0 earlier than their deadline and allowed for Klarna to majorly improve its merchant acquisition efforts. While the project had several components to it, we will touch upon the results that Christian’s efforts specifically enabled.


Thanks to Christian’s efforts, much of the existing and new sales personnel at Klarna were able to quickly onboard, and were familiarized with Salesforce 2.0, which ultimately enabled Klarna to make major improvements to its merchant acquisition efforts.

The successful migration of all historical data into a new data model resulted in Klarna having a state-of-the-art methodology of structuring account data across multiple geographies, which later birthed a brand new group of teams at Klarna working with Stakeholder Mapping across several markets. These teams are at the center of Klarna’s acquisition strategy today.

Thanks to significant improvements in data quality, Klarna was now able to have an accurate representation of revenue forecasting, something which it was not able to do previously. As Klarna now had a significantly improved way of forecasting future revenues, Klarna was able to rapidly pivot its acquisition strategy and subsequently seek and win major financing rounds from external investors and venture capital firms, eventually growing to a peak valuation of 45.6B. Additionally, the accuracy of the data improved the happiness of sales reps as they could start pursuing new prospects, being confident that the data was accurate.


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